Jolene Steffen's Online Art Gallery

     I'll take this means to share my love of art with you. I hope it brings you the same pleasure as I feel when I am creating them. Art is emotions, images and imagination put together and displayed for the purpose of creating a response in the viewer. I hope I have achieved that goal.
     Oil and watercolor are the two mediums in which I have chosen to work. They allow me to be versatile in capturing the various moods of the subject I am painting. Since I am a self-taught artist, there are always new techniques to learn.
     You are welcome to visit my home gallery and studio anytime by appointment.

Thanks for visiting my website.


For more information, Contact:
Jolene Steffen
55472 888th Road
Crofton, NE 68730

Phone 402-357-3740

2022 OPEN HOUSE - OUR 23rd!!
Nov 5 & 6! CLICK HERE for info
Jolene welcomes you to visit her gallery anytime by appointment for your convenience. Ph. 402-357-3740
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